Photo Gallery

This is a collection of random images from the cottage, in no particular order, to help you get a feel for the place.

Early in the morning, it’s really nice to take your coffee down to the dock, before the world wakes up.

Serenity now…

Fall Woodshed

This is our woodshed, located behind the cottage.
The lake is full of bays, channels and undiscovered areas. This is one of them.

Calm Bay

Sheltered Island

This island is a great place to visit by boat and have a picnic, or explore.
There’s a nice little private road behind our place–perfect for walks through the woods.

Exploring the road

Tiny Island

One of the lake’s islands.
About a 20 minute walk along the private road leading to the cottage, you’ll come upon another lake with no inhabitants, and lovely view.

Cliff Lookout

Secret Trout Spot

The far end of our lake–and my favourite spot for catching lake trout!
Our youngest likes to explore.


Swan Dive

There’s nothing like a refreshing splash into the clear water!
This is a view of the cottage taken from our neighbour’s perspective. There are deliberately no windows on that side of the cottage, for privacy.


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