One of the nice things about this cottage and lake is that it is largely unspoiled by the over-development and “condo-izing” which characterizes so many cottage areas now.  This part of Quebec, while close enough to Ottawa, is not full of strip malls and traffic.  As a result, there is lots of wildlife around if you are observant.  I like photography, and have taken lots of pictures of other ‘visitors’ to the lake.

This beaver lodge, built by a hard working neighbour, is around the bay from our place.

Beaver Lodge

Northern Pike

The lake has lots of fish:  trout, bass, cisco, perch, and northern pike.  This particular one was nabbed about 40 feet away from our dock.
This little guy stood very still–hoping I wouldn’t see him.


Winter Deer

There are deer all year round, but they are easier to spot against the white snow in the winter.
This juvenile Black Duck decided to come by and check out the beach near our cottage.  We started feeding them, and now we have a regular flock that comes to visit every year.



A small frog pauses on the sand.
We have a bird feeder, and it attracts a number of different species. Here, a mother Evening Grosbeak feeds her young chick.


Noisy Grouse

These Ruffed Grouse are hard to spot, but not so hard to hear. They start off thumping low and slow, then it builds up speed and sounds like a motor starting in the distance. They do this to attract mates.
A Great Blue Heron sits on a log and tries to remain very still, in order to aid in his fishing.

Great Blue Heron


The classic Canadian symbol, the Loon, is fairly common at our lake. Their eerie cries in the evening really underscore the fact that you are in the middle of nowhere.
One day while out in the boat I noticed this raccoon. He seemed to have an incredible sense of purpose, and didn’t seem to mind that I was watching him, maybe 10 feet away.

Places to go….people to see

Time for a dip

Having run out of logs to walk on, he jumped in and swam across the little bay to his final destination, whatever that was.

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